Best Bodybuilding Foods of All Time

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Bodybuilding is an art in the making. People all around the globe at some point of time in their life develop an urge of creating something awesome out of their physique and make a healthy body for themselves.

Bodybuilding requires one to follow a path of utmost dedication and hard work in the gym. Along with the time one invest in the gym, balanced diet acts as a catalyst for muscle growth is a prime need.

Often the newly bitten by the fitness bug makes the mistake of imitating the top bodybuilders. Along with the hard, persistent workout routine, the novices often forget to incorporate a balanced diet in their chart.

Food that can accelerate the muscle growth and also provide a long-term helping hand in the process of body building is required to acquire the best results.

People often fail to understand the emergence of healthy food items in body building and tend to confuse the naturally obtained muscle building foods with the expensive tumblers of supplements.

One should apprehend that body building foods makes it inevitable that the time invested in a gym does not go to waste.

Here is the list of food items flying under the radar and available in abundance that can provide relief to the issues pertaining to bodybuilding and help one gain the nutrition to support the muscle growth.


1. Oysters

oysters nutrition bodybuilding
Oysters happen to contain zinc, which is considered to be an important factor for hormone production. Zinc is an essential and instigating chemical compound present in Oysters that can hammer up the muscle growth. Zinc happens to have the property to increase the conversion rate of androstenedione to testosterone and also when zinc intake is combined with training it enhances testosterone production.

Chicken liver and pumpkin seeds are other foods known to contain zinc and help the bodybuilders.

2. Steak

steak food

Steaks and the likes that contain saturated food benefit bodybuilders at a large. Studies from different medical expertise teams subjected to the intake of steak in their diet regime have resulted in positive results. Eating of saturated fat products like steak and also eggs, full-fat dairy or poultry showed subsequent hammered up growth in muscles.

3. Oatmeal

oatmeal benefits bodybuilding

Oats are the fiber products one should consume at regular intervals while they train themselves in the gym. One serving of oatmeal contains a great portion of complex carbohydrates and also 14% of daily fibre needs. Fibre is essential for body growth, and an adult man should consume 40 grams and 25 grams daily for an adult woman of fibre daily.

4. Fish oil

fish oil benefits in bodybuilding

Fish oil happens to have anti-inflammatory benefits in them. That helps the body to recover faster from a strenuous workout. It also fires up the metabolism rate thus providing one for faster muscle growth and also curbing fats.

5. Quinoa

quinoa benefits bodybuilding

Quinoa is known for serving as a great source of carbohydrates. It is considered to be an excellent body building food. Quinoa packs 14 grams of proteins and essential amino acids in each 100 grams of serving.

6. Spinach

spinach benefits in bodybuilding

Spinach is known as an excellent supplement for muscle growth and happens to be an all-time hit among the bodybuilding enthusiasts. The phytoecdysteroids in spinach have shown an increased muscle growth of 20%.

7. Wild salmon

wild salmon bodybuilding

Salmons though underrated among the mass but happens to contain a powerful punch of omega 3 fatty acids. This type makes it an excellent option for growing lean muscles. Salmon is also considered to be the metabolism booster.

8. Broccoli

broccoli benefits in bodybuilding

Consumption of salads containing broccoli and other essentials like spinach, baby tomatoes with sweetcorn and peppers after every workout help the muscle growth. An excellent source having the admixture of vitamins, minerals and fibers.

9. Banana

banana benefits in bodybuilding

One of the most widely accepted fruits in the whole world, the benefits of banana in providing high energy and good stamina has been known to the globe since ages. Banana, for its properties, has gained the popularity and vividly helps in regaining strength quickly

10. Brown rice

brown rice benefits in bodybuilding

With the gaining acceptance to all class of people, brown rice in the recent years has served the society in distinctive ways. Its ability to curb down fat and provide consumers with high carbohydrate content has made its utilization a necessity among the fit hungry people.

Along with these listed items, there are also many available in the reach of hand that can enhance the muscle growth one desires to obtain from hard workouts and tough routines. The likes of cottage cheese, brown rice chocolate milk along with fruits like bananas, grapes, and papaya serves the needs well and promises to show stable results.

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