Do cardio on empty stomach and you will burn more fat.’ Righhhhht?

Personally, I am not a fan of fasted cardio. I don’t like going very long without food, and oh! I just dislike cardio, Period. So, let’s just say you won’t be spotting me sweating all over the treddy sipping on my milk carton of water.

Many studies have shown when comparing changes to body composition in a hypocaloric diet, that “changes are the same regardless of whether an individual is fasted prior to training.” Another point to mention is that if you are doing fasted cardio all the time, you will run a risk of burning some muscle. Granted it won’t be a huge amount. But you want to hold onto everything you’ve got when dieting. But hey, if you like getting up first thing in the morning and doing cardio without food, that is cool. It works great for some people.

Other people (me included) would prefer to train with some energy in their system as they will have a much better lasting energy for their workout. Personal preference wins here. Just be aware that fasted cardio isn’t some magical practice. Total calorie intake will dictate what kind of results you experience. Fasted cardio does NOT burn more fat than unfasted cardio. A lot of fitness gurus like to say it does and if you only look at it from the short-term perspective, they are right.

But when you really dig into the research what you will find is TOTAL energy balance at the end of the day dictates total fat gained/lost. What that means is, if your total calorie intake/burn at the end of the day is equivalent, it does NOT matter if you do cardio fasted or unfasted, because net energy gained (or lost) is the same. This does not mean fasted cardio is bad or wrong or worse. It isn’t. All it means is you don’t NEED to do fasted cardio especially if you don’t like it. Do whatever works best for you and your individual needs, goals, and preferences. Because that is what drives consistency. And consistency drives success.

My advice? Just do the thing you enjoy doing and can maintain for the long term. For me, it is lifting some heavy things up and putting them down.

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